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fechnerMEDIA is an independent film production company founded in 1989 and since then has been active in the national and international media business under the management of Carl-A. Fechner. The main focus of the business is the production of cinema/TV documentaries, image and information films and since 2015 the distribution of cinema productions. Sustainability has been one of the company's main areas of focus for many years and forms an important part of its profile in terms of content and artistic profile.

Company culture

fechnerMEDIA:Production is a high-profile partner when it comes to responding to the challenges of our times by medial means in order to explore the options and to encourage people. In exciting images promising perspectives for an ecologically sustainable future are rendered tangible. We provide arguments for a comprehensive social change, convey expert skills and show in pioneering pictures the future personal and social benefits of sustainable development.

Self assessment attractivity

We offer...

the optimal start in the professional documentary film industry, a secure, creative and meaningful job, an interdisciplinary team at several locations in Germany with many opportunities for professional development, meaningful and exciting projects as well as the opportunity to bring your own ideas and impulses into the company and into the productions. Our headquarters are in Tuttlingen, the place of work for this job advertisement is a Co-Working Space in Dresden.

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Gabriele Di Stefano
Head of Production