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Nanotech Digital GmbH is a highly experienced engineering company that supports materials, equipment, and component technologies related to semiconductor, display & battery industry. Our main business field is a development of transparent electrode with graphene, engineering services of semiconductor & display equipment and parts.
We are also Europe Head Office of 'SEC Co., Ltd.", "JP Automation",

Business Field
- Transparent electrode Film with CVD Graphene and Semiconductor Equipment & Components
- Application Products : Transparent Electrode Film, Flexible Film Heaters
- Inspection :
X-ray System - 3D Inspection (Void, Cu Filar, Package) for Mass Production
Tabletop SEM & EDS System Ion Sputter Coaters
- Industrial Linear Accelerator
-Semiconductor Equipment : Sputter, Evaporator, Stepper, Track
-Components : Si, SiC, Equipment consumable Parts, Vacuum Valve, Evaporation Cell, Bellows Parts, LAM Parts

Company culture

Moto: Never give up & being creative

- Free & American Style
- Strong Focusing on own works
- Pursuing Professional Spirit

Self assessment attractivity

Pursuing harmony between company and individual development, we guarantee self-development based on professional spirit on your job and creative development of a company work ability.

We seek to live in harmony and pursue an adventure spirit that can overcome any difficulties together through a cooperative spirit.

If you work with our company, you will experience business methods and problem solving skills that you have never experienced before.

If you want to challenge yourself in a new field to develop your skills and achieve great achievements, please apply to our company.

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Y.Y Jung
Nanotech Digitial GmbH