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01109 Dresden
250-499 Architecture & Construction Other
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At Deutsche Werkstätten we design, engineer and produce top quality interiors for our discerning clients - built to perfection. Whether the design is calling for elegant simplicity or decorative flamboyance our craftsmen are at home with any style. Our job is to satisfy the client requirements. This can be anywhere in the world, an apartment or a penthouse in a bustling metropolis, a private house in the countryside, or a chalet in the mountains, a company boardroom or perhaps even a yacht.

We are a multi-faceted company in a constant state of evolution and technical advancement. Our development is based on a set of core principles, without which we would not be able to grow in the future. We are proud to do things differently, pursuing our own unique business approach, pushing boundaries, exploring new territories. At Deutsche Werkstätten the concepts of ‘quality’ and ‘client relations’ take on a whole new dimension.

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