Picosun is a leading supplier of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating technology for semiconductor and other industries.

PICOSUN™ ALD equipment portfolio ranges from fully automated, SEMI compliant batch and cluster systems for high volume manufacturing to smaller scale R&D and pre-pilot production tools. Production-proven coating solutions for IC, MEMS, LED, sensor, and 3D component processing are mastered with world-class process quality, the leading equipment design, and the most comprehensive process support and customer care.

Company culture

Our customers are companies, but we work with individuals. We build, nourish, and value personal relationships, positive thinking and team spirit. Knowing each other and sharing knowledge is a key to cooperation.

We care for our co-workers and we are loyal to each other. At Picosun, everyone has equal opportunities. Together we make Picosun the best place to work. We are recognized for our strong team spirit and our will to offer the best customer service.

Picosun is a global company and we operate in different cultures. Our diverse backgrounds enable us to quickly understand the customer’s needs and to create versatile solutions to them.

Picosun’s organization is built on a wide range of competencies and personalities with an open-minded attitude.

Self assessment attractivity

Picosun thrives to success. Our expert team works relentlessly to overcome the challenges our customers are facing.

Picosun is a goal-oriented company. We get the job done with energy, determination, and a positive attitude, which enables success for both us and our customers.

Picosun is the pioneer and forerunner of ALD technology. Visionary attitude towards technological development is essential to us. We strive to understand our customers’ technological needs to help them to overcome their current limits.

We encourage creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and thinking outside of the box. We have the courage to question existing practices and we are committed to constant improvement.

Picosun is a trustworthy partner. Our business is based on long-term relationships and we value quality in everything we do. We take seriously our responsibility to our customers, employees, partners, environment, and society.

Picosun works in a transparent and open manner.

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Dr. Christoph Hossbach
General Manager