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„Campeleon - The Art of Camping“ is a founding project to enable the best travel experience CO2-neutral. Our customers will be featured with tools, support, and community to create their individual camper van or caravan. Our products are made for life that’s why those can be adjusted according the customers needs over time. Sustainability is key in our DNA - Campeleon’s products will not emit CO2 during usage and are made of biogenic and recycled materials. We focus on our customers and integrate them into our development and research processes online and offline.

For this journey, we are searching for further Campeleons to complete our young Campeleon family. I.e., we are searching for two IT people and a product design expert, so that we can start with the prototype building early next year.

Our ambitious goal is to present a prototype (software and hardware, i.e., a campervan) at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf end of August 2020. At the moment, we are looking for partners and support from academia, e.g., TU Dresden, and industry, e.g., we are talking about a partnership with VW.

Company culture

Flexible and challenging working environment that is not set to stone. We are a young team that form the company culture day by day. Be a part of it.

Self assessment attractivity

If you are looking for disrupting the branch of camping and work on sustainable solutions for camping then we are the right place to be. So start with the young Campeleon family.

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Dr. Nico Herzberg
CEO & Founder