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The chair of microsystems technology with approx. 30 employees represents the microsystem technology department in research and teaching. In addition to silicon-based microsystems, the focus is on polymeric microsystems. Microsystems play a key role in the modern concepts of information and communication technology. Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, smartphones or modern medical technology - to name just a few examples - are inconceivable without microsystems technology. Our research addresses exactly these microsystems. Our research and teaching profile comprises all important fields of microsystems technology. The focus is on their design, modeling and simulation, smart materials, manufacturing technologies, system design and characterization of microsystems. Our research is highly interdisciplinary, and our team consists of chemists, physicists, biologists, materials scientists and, of course, engineers.

In addition to silicon-based, we are particularly concerned with polymeric microsystems. In 2010, we were one of the first chairs worldwide researching and teaching specifically on polymeric microsystems.

The lab building FAM and Werner-Hartmann Building opened in 2013 offer us an excellent research infrastructure. We have state-of-the-art clean and gray room laboratories for the characterization, production and application of our microsystems as well as for the synthesis of active materials, but also application-specific laboratories such as biological laboratories.

Company culture

The Chair of Microsystems Technology strives to conduct internationally competitive research on key topics in our scientific field. We work in an interdisciplinary team with a lot of joy and great commitment. We are integrated into several centers of excellence and top research and coordinate several research groups ourselves. We actively use the diverse opportunities of the University of Excellence TU Dresden for employee qualification, graduate education, equality and diversity-related support programs and for reconciling work and family life.

Self assessment attractivity

We are a young, competent, successful, interdisciplinary and international team, we have excellently equipped laboratories, an extensive local and international partner network in science and industry and we are researching important future topics in microsystems technology. In our team you have diverse and interesting research content with the necessity to be creative. Our cooperation is characterized by a friendly, respectful, team-oriented and family-friendly working atmosphere with flat hierarchies. Nevertheless, we set ourselves ambitious research and work goals and value good, committed teaching based on the latest knowledge.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter
Full Professor